The Book

Finding Ecstasy‘ is the sobering debut novel by Norman Fox. It’s about growing up as an intensely closeted teenager and engaging in high-risk activities. It’s about the double-lives of a group of A-grade high school students who discover the underground Sydney dance party scene of the late 1980s. It’s about mental health, drug addiction and taking one too many pills. Buy a copy of the book (or click here to purchase an eBook for iBooks, Kindle or Kobo).

Finding Ecstasy is ‘Puberty Blues’ meets ‘Brokeback Mountain’ set against the backdrop of the emerging Sydney rave scene. It’s about the real-life consequences of experiencing too much, too young.

This novel is dedicated to a childhood friend of Norman who passed away as a consequence of drug addiction. It was written to help educate teens going through similar issues today and, hopefully, the people in power who think they know what’s best in terms of public policy on such taboo topics.

After we tried ecstasy everyone at school called us ‘The Group’.